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My first posted pattern!
*I have rewritten and updated this pattern, and you can download it from Craftster ( or Ravelry ( You can also download a pattern to make the larger grey Totoro, based on the same pattern, at the same post on Craftster or on Ravelry ( )*

Well, this was what I set up this LJ for. I'll post the pattern for the white totoro next, then some of the very easy and quick things I have made.
Check out my Flickr pages for more photos:

Blue Totoro Crochet Pattern

Blue & white yarn, double knitting (US sport or worsted?)
Small amount of black yarn/embroidery thread for nose & claws
1 pair 9mm black safety eyes
Embroidery needle
3.5mm hook (US E hook)

ch = chain
st = stitch or stitches
sc = single crochet (US), double crochet (UK)
hdc = half double crochet (US), half treble (UK)
ss = slip stitch
inc = increase
inc 2 = increase by working 2 sc into one st
dec = decrease
dec 2 = decrease 2 st down to one
FO = finish off

Work in continuous rounds. Most rounds are written in the format:
Round number: [work a number of sc, increase or decrease by one st] x however many times (leaving however many st that round).
Leave long tails of yarn on each part in order to sew to body. Leave an extra long one on one arm to sew upside-down V marks on tummy.

Work the body until the hole is still big enough to fit your hand inside (rnd 48 or so) then fit the eyes. Put the safety eyes through the centre of the white crocheted parts (you could use circles of white felt). Position on about round 14. Stuff fairly well, then complete the body until there is just a small hole left. Sew on the nose. Stuff firmly and sew shut.
Stuff arms slightly then sew claws before attaching to body.
Stuff ears firmly and position with longer hdc parts to the outside. Sew to body.
Stuff tail firmly and position with hdc parts at the bottom. Sew to body.
Sew edges of white parts of eyes to the body.
Sew white tummy in place and embroider blue markings.

Body (blue yarn):
1: 6sc into magic ring
2: 2sc into each st (12st)
3: [1sc, inc 2] x 6 (18st)
4: [2sc, inc 2] x 6 (24st)
5: [3sc, inc 2] x 6 (30st)
6: [4sc, inc 2] x 6 (36st)
7: [5sc, inc 2] x 6 (42st)
8: [6sc, inc 2] x 6 (48st)
9: [7sc, inc 2] x 6 (54st)
10: [8sc, inc 2] x 6 (60st)
11-20: Work 60sc for 10 rounds
21: [5sc, inc 2] x 10 (70st)
22: [6sc, inc 2] x 10 (80st)
23-38: Work 80sc for 16 rounds
39: [18sc, dec 2] x 4 (76st)
40: [17sc, dec 2] x 4 (72st)
41: [16sc, dec 2] x 4 (68st)
42: [15sc, dec 2] x 4 (64st)
43: [14sc, dec 2] x 4 (60st)
44: [13sc, dec 2] x 4 (56st)
45: [12sc, dec 2] x 4 (52st)
46: [11sc, dec 2] x 4 (48st)
47: [6sc, dec 2] x 6 (42st)
48: [5sc, dec 2] x 6 (36st)
49: In back loop only [4sc, dec 2] x 6 (30st)
50: [1sc, dec 2] x 10 (20st)
51: [dec 2] x 10 (10st)
52: [dec 2] until hole is small enough to be sewn closed

Ears (blue yarn, make 2):
1: Ch 2, 4sc into 1st ch, link to 1st sc with slip st.
2: [1sc, inc 2] x 2 (6st)
3: [2sc, inc 2] x 2 (8st)
4: [3sc, inc 2] x 2 (10st)
5: [4sc, inc 2] x 2 (12st)
6: [5sc, inc 2] x 2 (14st)
7: [6sc, inc 2] x 2 (16st)
8: [7sc, inc 2] x 2 (18st)
9: [8sc, inc 2] x 2 (20st)
10: [9sc, inc 2] x 2 (22st)
11: [10sc, inc 2] x 2 (24st)
12-16: Work 24sc for 5 rounds
17: [4sc, dec 2] x 4 (20st)
18: [3sc, dec 2] x 4 (16st)
19: 8sc, 8hdc (16st)
20: 1sc, 1ss, FO

Tail (blue yarn):
1: Ch 2, 4sc into 1st ch
2: 2sc into each st (8st)
3: [1sc, inc 2] x 4 (12st)
4: [1sc, inc 2] x 6 (18st)
5: Work 18sc for 1 round
6: [2sc, inc 2] x 6 (24st)
7: Work 24sc for 1 round
8: [3sc, inc 2] x 6 (30st)
9-15: Work 30sc for 7 rounds
16-17: 15hdc, 15sc (30st)
18: 15hdc, 1sc, 1ss, FO (only do 17st of the round)

Arms (blue yarn, make 2):
1: Ch 2, 6sc into 1st ch
2: 2sc into each st (12st)
3: [2sc, inc 2] x 4 (16st)
4: Work 16sc for 1 round
5: [3sc, inc 2] x 4 (20st)
6-8: Work 20sc for 3 rounds
9: [4sc, inc 2] x 4 (24st)
10-12: Work 24sc for 3 rounds
13: [4sc, dec 2] x 4 (20st)
14-16: Work 20sc for 3 rounds
17: [3sc, dec 2] x 4 (16st)
18: Work 16sc for 1 round
19: [2sc, dec2] x 4 (12st) FO

Tummy (white yarn):
1: 6sc into magic ring
2: 2sc into each st (12st)
3: 2sc into each st (24st)
4: Work 24sc for 1 round
5: [2sc, inc 2] x 8 (32st)
6: [3sc, inc 2] x 8 (40st)
7: [7sc, inc 2] x 5 (45st)
8: [8sc, inc 2] x 5 (50st)
9: [9sc, inc 2] x 5 (55st)
10: [10sc, inc 2] x 5 (60st)
11: [5sc, inc2] x 10 (70st)
12: [6sc, inc2] x 10 (80st)
13-14: Work 80sc for 2 rounds, FO.

Eyes (white yarn, make 2):
1: Ch 2, 8sc into 1st ch, link to 1st sc with slip st, FO. Make sure there is a hole in the centre to put safety eyes through.

***This is a free pattern of my design, so please do not sell it. Otherwise, use as you like, but if you make this Totoro to sell you must include a link to this pattern. Thank you!***

this is awesome! I am just getting started with crochet and would love to make this. I was wondering what kind of yarn would be best. I still am a little in the dark about yarn weight vs. hook size. do you think this would work with red heart super saver weight 4?

Hi, sorry to be so slow replying. Weight 4 yarn should be fine, it's not much thicker than double knitting (dk is standard in the UK and weight 4, or worsted weight, is standard in the US, so it's hard for me to check, but I think that's right). You might need an F hook with the thicker yarn. Check out Ravelry for lots of help with crochet - when people make patterns they say what yarns and hooks they used, so you can look at the Totoro pattern there:


When you write "12: [6sc, inc2] x 10 (80st)", what does "x 10" means?

You're doing 10 increases in this round. So you work 6 sc then do 2 sc in the next stitch, and do that again 9 more times.

Hope that helps!

so awesome! i have never tried amigurumi before. a friend of my boyfriend wants one of these and i am going to try your pattern since she specifically mentioned Totoro amigurumi. so thankful you posted this.

i saw it on i am on etsy as well ( and i will definitely post a link to your pattern when i use it.

thanks again!! ~melanie :)

Hi there, I know the original post was years ago but I wanted to share the totoro I made for my sister using your pattern and I wanted to thank you for your great pattern. It's the best totoro pattern I've seen by far and it's so generous of you to provide it for free! Your pattern is the best! So easy to understand, the totoro was my second project ever and because of your lovely pattern it turned out great. It's not quite as polished as your end product as I didn't have an embroidery needle at the time. Here's my totoro along with a cat I made:¤t=totoroandcatmonkey.jpg

Thank you, I'm really pleased you liked the pattern. I tried following your link but it didn't work unfortunately.

I love this pattern! this is my first real crochet project bigger than the palm sized ball I made just to learn what I'm doing, so that should tell you how easy this is to follow. Here's my guy if you want to see him: I think he's a little understuffed and a bit off center in places but I love him anyways. He's a Christmas present, but my paranoia prompted me to buy lots of extra yarn. I will be making another for myself. thank you for the pattern!

Thank you! Your Totoro looks great - I know how difficult it is to stuff. I have nearly finished making a grey Totoro - I spent ages stuffing him, then realised I hadn't fitted the eyes! I'm going to remake the blue Totoro to check the amount of yarn as well.

Thank you SO SO SO much for this pattern!! My daughter (2.5 yr old) is obsessed with Totoro and she is going to FREAK OUT when she opens the one I made for her (using this pattern) on Christmas morning! I am fairly new to crochet, and this pattern tunred out AMAZINGLY! Even better than I expected! Again, thank you for sharing this!!!

Thank you! I hope she liked it - Totoro is nice and cuddly, and she can carry him around by the ears!

Thank you so much for this pattern. I LOVED making it. Mine is a little crooked since it's the first big project I've attempted, but my goddaughter is absolutely going to go crazy. I've sent her pictures as I've been working on it, and she can hardly wait to sleep with Totoro. Your generosity was inspiring to me. So many others would have charged for the pattern. I poked around quite a bit looking for a pattern, and yours looked the best. Keep enjoying your creativity! I know I certainly benefitted. Sincerely, Maria from Texas, US.

Thank you! It's really great to hear that you liked the pattern.

Hi there.
I just found your awesome pattern and want to crochet this Totoro as a birthday present.
I was wondering how big/tall is your Totoro?

Greetings from FarfallaDK (

Sorry for the slow reply, I expect you've made it by now! If not, it comes out about 8 inches tall, but it depends on the yarn you use.

I entered this in the county fair last summer and it won third prize in the crocheted toys division.

Thank you for this pattern. My son is going to love it because he has always loved the movie. Wonderful job!!

Thank you, I hope you enjoy making it.

My daughter is in love with Totoro... I can't wait to give this to her for Valentine's Day. :) Mine turned out GREAT --- Thanks for the pattern!

Thank you, what a great idea for a valentine gift!

(Screened comment)
Hi Arvin, that's fine! I love your pikachu jacket - I never realised how similar the shapes of the two creatures are. Good luck with the scholarship!

This is fantastic!!!
I'll make it!!
Thank you!
Laura (

Thank you! I don't know if you've already made it, but if not you might want to check out my updated version of the pattern. All the details are at the top of the post.

Thank you for this awesome pattern! I made two totoro, they are very very beautiful!! Grazie, Alba , Italy

Muy bonitos los dragones, voy a intentar si puedo hacerlos , Un saludo

Thank you! Have fun making them.

Thank you for this fantastic pattern! My friend's birthday is coming up and once again I'm unemployed so I'll have plenty of time to make her present!

Thank you! You might like to check out the updated version of the pattern on Craftster ( or Ravelry (

This is the first time I followed a pattern because it is so easy to read! Im still busy crocheting totoro and got stuck right here: 21: [5sc, inc 2] x 10 (70st)
22: [6sc, inc 2] x 10 (80st)
It suddenly increases too much end the shape of totoro gets ruined.

Please help me

It should work - when you increase a lot but then work the same amount of stitches over the next 16 rounds the increase doesn't show so much, and when it's stuffed the increase gets less defined as well. Also, I have recently reworked this pattern and made it (I think) a little better, so you might like to check that out. You can download it from Craftster ( or Ravelry (, you need to be a member of either site.

(Deleted comment)
How big is it when it's done? By the way it's SOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable!!!!!


Thanks! Depending on the yarn you use, about 8 inches tall. Here are links to the new version of the pattern, at Ravelry:
And Craftster:
You need to be a member of either site to download the pattern, but it's more detailed than the version here.

totoro, totoro!!!!
I love him very much!! Thanks for this pattern!

OH MEIN GOTT XD KYAAA Das ist so genial!
Kawaii hoch 10! ich liebe Studio Ghibli!
*Wolle rauskram und versuchen* ;) Thx

Very cute ♥ I will try to make it!!:)

Thank you. You might like to check out the updated version of the pattern on Craftster ( or Ravelry (

You're a amazing, do you by any chance have the pattern for the little guy that's a'ways with him?

Hey there,

maybe I was too stupid to look properly, but I can't seem to find the download link on the craftster website ( You write that the pdf downloads are at the bottom of the post, yet I can't find them. Help! ;-).

I love Totoro, so I'll surely be making one of these - great pattern and thanks in advance!


You do need to be a member of Craftster (you don't have to pay) and logged in to download tutorials, maybe that's the problem?

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Wow Thank you for this fabulous pattern of our favourite Totoro! I'm soo going to buy yarn so I can start to crochet him, Thank a bunch!!


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