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My first posted pattern!
*I have rewritten and updated this pattern, and you can download it from Craftster (http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=405679.msg4778836#msg4778836) or Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/blue-totoro-amigurumi---updated). You can also download a pattern to make the larger grey Totoro, based on the same pattern, at the same post on Craftster or on Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/grey-totoro-amigurumi )*

Well, this was what I set up this LJ for. I'll post the pattern for the white totoro next, then some of the very easy and quick things I have made.
Check out my Flickr pages for more photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/96575205@N00/

Blue Totoro Crochet Pattern

Blue & white yarn, double knitting (US sport or worsted?)
Small amount of black yarn/embroidery thread for nose & claws
1 pair 9mm black safety eyes
Embroidery needle
3.5mm hook (US E hook)

ch = chain
st = stitch or stitches
sc = single crochet (US), double crochet (UK)
hdc = half double crochet (US), half treble (UK)
ss = slip stitch
inc = increase
inc 2 = increase by working 2 sc into one st
dec = decrease
dec 2 = decrease 2 st down to one
FO = finish off

Work in continuous rounds. Most rounds are written in the format:
Round number: [work a number of sc, increase or decrease by one st] x however many times (leaving however many st that round).
Leave long tails of yarn on each part in order to sew to body. Leave an extra long one on one arm to sew upside-down V marks on tummy.

Work the body until the hole is still big enough to fit your hand inside (rnd 48 or so) then fit the eyes. Put the safety eyes through the centre of the white crocheted parts (you could use circles of white felt). Position on about round 14. Stuff fairly well, then complete the body until there is just a small hole left. Sew on the nose. Stuff firmly and sew shut.
Stuff arms slightly then sew claws before attaching to body.
Stuff ears firmly and position with longer hdc parts to the outside. Sew to body.
Stuff tail firmly and position with hdc parts at the bottom. Sew to body.
Sew edges of white parts of eyes to the body.
Sew white tummy in place and embroider blue markings.

Body (blue yarn):
1: 6sc into magic ring
2: 2sc into each st (12st)
3: [1sc, inc 2] x 6 (18st)
4: [2sc, inc 2] x 6 (24st)
5: [3sc, inc 2] x 6 (30st)
6: [4sc, inc 2] x 6 (36st)
7: [5sc, inc 2] x 6 (42st)
8: [6sc, inc 2] x 6 (48st)
9: [7sc, inc 2] x 6 (54st)
10: [8sc, inc 2] x 6 (60st)
11-20: Work 60sc for 10 rounds
21: [5sc, inc 2] x 10 (70st)
22: [6sc, inc 2] x 10 (80st)
23-38: Work 80sc for 16 rounds
39: [18sc, dec 2] x 4 (76st)
40: [17sc, dec 2] x 4 (72st)
41: [16sc, dec 2] x 4 (68st)
42: [15sc, dec 2] x 4 (64st)
43: [14sc, dec 2] x 4 (60st)
44: [13sc, dec 2] x 4 (56st)
45: [12sc, dec 2] x 4 (52st)
46: [11sc, dec 2] x 4 (48st)
47: [6sc, dec 2] x 6 (42st)
48: [5sc, dec 2] x 6 (36st)
49: In back loop only [4sc, dec 2] x 6 (30st)
50: [1sc, dec 2] x 10 (20st)
51: [dec 2] x 10 (10st)
52: [dec 2] until hole is small enough to be sewn closed

Ears (blue yarn, make 2):
1: Ch 2, 4sc into 1st ch, link to 1st sc with slip st.
2: [1sc, inc 2] x 2 (6st)
3: [2sc, inc 2] x 2 (8st)
4: [3sc, inc 2] x 2 (10st)
5: [4sc, inc 2] x 2 (12st)
6: [5sc, inc 2] x 2 (14st)
7: [6sc, inc 2] x 2 (16st)
8: [7sc, inc 2] x 2 (18st)
9: [8sc, inc 2] x 2 (20st)
10: [9sc, inc 2] x 2 (22st)
11: [10sc, inc 2] x 2 (24st)
12-16: Work 24sc for 5 rounds
17: [4sc, dec 2] x 4 (20st)
18: [3sc, dec 2] x 4 (16st)
19: 8sc, 8hdc (16st)
20: 1sc, 1ss, FO

Tail (blue yarn):
1: Ch 2, 4sc into 1st ch
2: 2sc into each st (8st)
3: [1sc, inc 2] x 4 (12st)
4: [1sc, inc 2] x 6 (18st)
5: Work 18sc for 1 round
6: [2sc, inc 2] x 6 (24st)
7: Work 24sc for 1 round
8: [3sc, inc 2] x 6 (30st)
9-15: Work 30sc for 7 rounds
16-17: 15hdc, 15sc (30st)
18: 15hdc, 1sc, 1ss, FO (only do 17st of the round)

Arms (blue yarn, make 2):
1: Ch 2, 6sc into 1st ch
2: 2sc into each st (12st)
3: [2sc, inc 2] x 4 (16st)
4: Work 16sc for 1 round
5: [3sc, inc 2] x 4 (20st)
6-8: Work 20sc for 3 rounds
9: [4sc, inc 2] x 4 (24st)
10-12: Work 24sc for 3 rounds
13: [4sc, dec 2] x 4 (20st)
14-16: Work 20sc for 3 rounds
17: [3sc, dec 2] x 4 (16st)
18: Work 16sc for 1 round
19: [2sc, dec2] x 4 (12st) FO

Tummy (white yarn):
1: 6sc into magic ring
2: 2sc into each st (12st)
3: 2sc into each st (24st)
4: Work 24sc for 1 round
5: [2sc, inc 2] x 8 (32st)
6: [3sc, inc 2] x 8 (40st)
7: [7sc, inc 2] x 5 (45st)
8: [8sc, inc 2] x 5 (50st)
9: [9sc, inc 2] x 5 (55st)
10: [10sc, inc 2] x 5 (60st)
11: [5sc, inc2] x 10 (70st)
12: [6sc, inc2] x 10 (80st)
13-14: Work 80sc for 2 rounds, FO.

Eyes (white yarn, make 2):
1: Ch 2, 8sc into 1st ch, link to 1st sc with slip st, FO. Make sure there is a hole in the centre to put safety eyes through.

***This is a free pattern of my design, so please do not sell it. Otherwise, use as you like, but if you make this Totoro to sell you must include a link to this pattern. Thank you!***

omg omg this is so kawaii

this is so adorable!!!

I saw it on craftster!!
now, i can't personally crochet..
i feel all thumbs when i try..
don't suppose you'd like to maybe personal swap one for something i can make??

check my LJ
or my etsy

thanks for the pattern.... i'm going to pass it along!!


Re: omg omg this is so kawaii

Thanks! I replied to you on Craftster, the gist of it being I'm a bit busy to do a swap at the moment, but get in touch in the New Year and we'll see if we can do it.

ohmy. you are amazing!!! thank you sooo much!!!!!!

Just saw these on Craftster- amazing! I love the dragon you did that's pictured in your flickr account- did you make up the pattern for him? He's so cool too! Your boys look so cute! My little boy is only 9 months- I'm still going to try making the totoro for him though!


Thanks! Yes, I did do the dragon. I didn't write down all the pattern though, so I'll have to make it again. If it works I'm a bit tempted to sell the pattern, which always seems rather mean, I'll see how it goes. I'll certainly be putting some more simple patterns on here soon.
I think either of the totoros should be fairly safe for a little one, unless they chew it to destruction. Let me know how it goes!

Re: Wow! (Anonymous) Expand

Thank you!!!

Hi! I'm snickersbar from Flickr. Thank you ever so much for putting up the pattern on your LiveJournal. You're very kind! If I ever do make one of these Totoros one day, I'll show them to you. :)

I definitely want to see them!

Oh thanx so much for posting this pattern I love him he's the cutest thing ever.

And I'm proud =P Thanks so much for posting this pattern.   I can't wait to try another one. ~Wren Title: Re: Little Stuffies, Bunny, Cat, Bear.


That is totally awesome! I have *got* to make me one of these :) Thanks a million!

The Yarnpath


I was just recently introduced to "My Neighbor Totoro", and I fell utterly in love.

OH MY.. ehGOD... I NEED IT...

(Deleted comment)
I've been longing to know how to crochet flowers for ages - but now I know how to make a gorgeous scarf too.

Thank you! I've been wanting to make one of these but haven't had time to design one...you just made my holiday presents a lot easier! Thank you!

OMG THIS IS ADORABLE!!! It makes me want to learn how to crochet just for that <3

I am currently making one...although the eyes I found were too big so I added a round to the white part. May I ask what you used for the nose? I can't figure it out and I'm probably just going to embroider it :D

I LOVE this pattern. Absolutely.

Thanks, glad to hear you're trying it out. Sorry the nose bit wasn't clear, I just embroidered it (if sewing a bit of black yarn twice over can be called embroidery), it's not complicated at all. Look forward to seeing it when it's finished!


Hi! I'm Maire in Seooul.
I love Totoro! Thank you very much for share your pattern.
Should I translate your pattern, comment and information about your dolls to Korean? I Will introduce you, your doll, and pattern to my friends. They like making dolls like me. Amigurumi,it isn't popular here yet. Here's my blog http://blog.naver.com/orangebat
Post wartten by Korean. :) But, you can see my dolls easily because category title is English.
Hope that your permission.

Yes, that's fine. Please make it clear that the pattern is free, and not to be sold, and that totoros made from it should not be sold either. This is particularly important as the basic deisign is owned by someone else (presumably Studio Ghibli). Thanks for asking. Have fun making them, and it's really nice to hear from someone in Korea!

Re: Wow! (Anonymous) Expand

I love this!

Gibli is one of my favorite anime studios and Totoro is by far my favorite of their movies. :)
This one is so wonderful. I hope I learn to crochet this good in the future.
Have you posted your other patterns too? I saw the cute black kittens that you made from your kittens that got new homes. I would really like to make one of those. ^__^
I also adore the new ewoke toy you've made.
Your kids are lucky. ;)

Elvira from sweden

This is soooo cute! I love Totoro, and that's nice of you to make the pattern available. =) I hope you don't mind, but I mentioned you on my blog here:


Take care,

No that's cool, thanks very much.