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Lucyravenscar Crochet Creatures


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White Totoro
*I have now written an updated version of this pattern with a few little improvements, and a variation to make a small blue Totoro. You can download a PDF of the pattern at Craftster (http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=405679.msg4778836#msg4778836) or Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/white-and-small-blue-totoro-amigurumi---updated)*

Pattern number 2! I wasn't happy with the ears on the one I made, so I've rewritten the pattern, but I haven't made another totoro to test out whether it all works together, hopefully it does. Oops, nearly forgot, meant to put in a link for how to do the magic ring: http://www.crochetme.com/Dec_Jan_0405/reads_round.html

White Totoro Crochet Pattern

White yarn, double knitting (US sport or worsted?)
Small amount of pink yarn for feet
Small amount of black embroidery thread for eyes
1 pair 9mm black safety eyes
Embroidery needle
3.5mm hook (US E hook)

ch = chain
st = stitch or stitches
sc = single crochet (US), double crochet (UK)
hdc = half double crochet (US), half treble (UK)
ss = slip stitch
inc = increase
inc 2 = increase by working 2 sc into one st
dec = decrease
dec 2 = decrease 2 st down to one
FO = finish off

Work in continuous rounds. Most rounds are written in the format:
Round number: [work a number of sc, increase or decrease by one st] x however many times (leaving however many st that round).

Ears (make 2):
1: Ch 2, 4sc into 1st ch, link to 1st sc with slip st.
2: [1sc, inc 2] x 2 (6st)
3: [2sc, inc 2] x 2 (8st)
4-5: Work 8sc for 2 rounds
6: [3sc, inc 2] x 2 (10st)
7-8: Work 10sc for 2 rounds
9: [4sc, inc 2] x 2 (12st)
10: Work 12sc for 1 round
FO one ear only
When second ear is complete join the two ears together at the base by doing round 11 and crocheting 24sc. If there is any gap between them use the tail of yarn from the first ear to neaten up. Continue with the body:
12: [3sc, inc 2] x 6 (30st)
13-15: Work 30sc for 3 rounds
16: [4sc, inc 2] x 6 (36st)
17-27: Work 36sc for 11 rounds
* Fix eyes in now, see below
28: [4sc, dec 2] x 6 (30st)
29: [3sc, dec 2] x 6 (24st)
30: [2sc, dec 2] x 6 (18st)
31: [1sc, dec 2] x 6 (12st)
32: [dec 2] x 6 (6st)
33: [dec 2] until hole is small enough to be sewn closed

1: Ch 2, 6sc into 1st ch
2: [1sc, inc 2] x 3 (9st)
3: [2sc, inc 2] x 3 (12st)
4: Work 12sc for 1 round
5: [3sc, inc 2] x 3 (15st)
6: Work 15sc for 1 round, FO

Feet (pink yarn, make 2):
[Ch 4, miss 1, ss into next 3.] x 3
ss into 1st ch to make bird-type foot shape.

Eyes (white yarn, make 2):
1: Ch 2, 8sc into 1st ch, link to 1st sc with slip st, FO. Make sure there is a hole in the centre to put safety eyes through.

*Fit the eyes while there is still room to put your hand inside the body. Put the safety eyes through the centre of the white crocheted parts (you could use circles of white felt). Position on about round 14/15. Stuff fairly well, then complete the body until there is just a small hole left.
Sew edges of white parts of eyes to the body. Use black embroidery thread to outline the eyes.
Stuff body firmly and sew shut.
Stuff tail firmly and sew to body.
Sew feet to body.

***This is a free pattern of my design, so please do not sell it. Otherwise, use as you like, but if you make this Totoro to sell you must include a link to this pattern. Thank you!***

found your patterns thru crafster, very very very cute. i "friended" you just to bookmark this, hope you don't mind.

Hello! I am Princesa Kati on craftster and I came over here just to check out your Totoro! It is SO CUTE! I'm in grad school so I probably won't have time to try out the pattern until thanksgiving break, but i am just itching to try it!

love your work! i'm adding you as one of my new crafting friends =)

keep the cute animals coming!

<3 andrea

Here's hoping one day soon will find your little friend one of my little friends too. With great anticipation and much appreciation of your artistic endeavors, I will be patient.

Thanks guys! Sorry the look of my LJ is so basic, but I just wanted to get the patterns up. Hope the patterns work for you, let me know if there are any errors.

white totoro pattern

2nd pattern works a treat. Have followed patterns for both the white and grey Totoro for my girls, and they love them...their most recent request is for the umbrella or leaf now! Thanks

This is wonderfully done! I would never have thought to create those two out of crochet! They look adorible. I can't wait to try to do them. :)

Oh, and I forgot to add that I'm going to add you to my friends list, hope you don't mind!

These are adorable!

Would you mind if I posted them under the tutorials at Craftacular.com?

AHH! so cute ^____^ thanks so much for posting. totoros are my favorite!

Those are so cute!

Those are really cute! Thanks so much for the patterns. Do you have any other amigurumi patterns?

hello! i used your pattern for this (since i realized i didn't have enough wool to make the totoro one XD ) and it worked fine for me. i did use a size 3 hook and thinner wool, though, and different eyes. but, still, thank you for putting this up! it gave me a nice pass-time since my knee got hurt and i can't go out. XD

mine turned out like this, if you're interested. :o


Thanks for letting me know how it went - I love your punk totoro!

Another awesome tutorial (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
If my pattern helps at all in working out a knitting one, go right ahead!


Your work is just absolutely amazing!! I was just curious if you have patterns for your star wars characters? If you figure out your dragon into a pattern I would LOVE to have it also. Susan

Re: crochet

These are cute, but your Dragon is so wonderful. Are you planning to make a pattern for it? I would love to make a dragon of my own someday.

Just finished making a white one from your pattern. No problems whatsoever with the pattern. Wasn't sure how you did such a uniform job lining the eyes in black, so mine turned out a bit wonky, but he's still cute. Thanks so much for the pattern. Now....on to the blue one. I was also thinking I need a pattern for a big leaf. :)

He looks really good! I think with the eyes, that I sewed them on first using the white, then went round the outside with black, probably twice to make it a solid line. It is a bit fiddly, I always hate doing the finishing details, it can be so hard to get them just right.

Hi there. I'm just chiming in to show off my completed chibi totoro!


aw, how precious! These look so great! i'm going to make some for my boyfriend, who loves them!!

I'll come back with pictures---:)

want to use your pattern for a class

Hi hellcat. I've made 2 of the baby Totoros and used them in the window at my friends yarn shop. since then, people keep asking if i will have a class in making them. I said i would have to ask you if it's okay to use your Totoro patterns for the class. I completely understand if you say no. Maybe you should copyright them and publish them! Make some money off your fab. creations. Personally you post such neat stuff I think you should do a book.
you can email me at anteejean@gmail.com

Re: want to use your pattern for a class

Sorry to be so slow in replying. I should think it would be fine to use them in a class, but of course I don't own the copyright to 'Totoro', so I think anyone would be in a murky legal area if they tried to make money out of them. I'm perfectly happy for you to use them to help other people learn to crochet, though!